One of the hot tips provided by Google through their webmaster blog is that low ranking, poor quality website pages can now seriously impact on the success of the site as a whole.

google website designThis means that it’s probably a good time to reassess your website and do a bit of pruning. It’s easy to forget about some older pages languishing in the far corners of your virtual empire. Old pages written long ago and forgotten may in fact now be doing your site a good deal more harm than you realise. Often people don’t like to prune a website, thinking that deleting content only reduces the amount the site has to offer. But sometimes it doesn’t necessarily mean having to delete old content.

Take a look through your entire site and ask yourself whether some web pages which only contain a relatively small amount of valuable content could perhaps be consolidated into one very much more useful page.

You might also find that some older pages simply need re-writing, perhaps reducing the number of instances of a keyphrase, improving elements such as having the primary page-unique keyphrase in <H1> and <H2> tags, ensuring the page meta title is unique and includes the primary keyphrase, and that the content is presented clearly and professionally.

Of course, there will undoubtedly be instances where you feel that pruning a page or two from your site may be the only decent think to do, in which case it’s best to get on with that bit of virtual gardening now, before your hard work elsewhere suffers. Remember, good web design today isn’t just about adding in a few glorious flowers now and then; it’s also about weeding out the unwanted stuff that’s holding back the potential growth of your site.