Prepare for a new look to Google. Possibly you may be one of the few people who have already been granted a sneak preview of the way in which Google may be looking in the near future. However, it seems that there are several different versions out there, and that people are seeing a variety of different new looks whilst Google decides on the best combination of changes.

So what are some of the major changes, and will this have any effect on the way in which your website optimisation should be carried out?

One of the first and most striking changes is the amount of white space now included. Although trial versions vary, on the whole it seem that each individual result is spaced further apart from other results on the page, and in some cases there’s a full line’s space between the web page title and the description and link underneath.

Another major change is the fact that the page titles are no longer underlined. Undoubtedly this makes the whole page read more clearly, and by now most people are familiar with how to spot a hyperlink. Also missing are the ‘Cached’ and ‘Similar’ links included with most of the results.

All in all it seems the changes are about increasing readability and improving clarity, which means that each result will have a chance to stand out much more distinctly. In terms of how this should affect your web page optimisation, it’s probably a good time to make absolutely sure that each of your page titles is unique, and highly descriptive, making your page read as highly relevant at a glance.

It’s also worth thinking about the text Google uses for your page description, and if you haven’t already included a description meta tag, doing this now to help improve the readability and apparent relevance of each of your pages is a good idea. Whether Google goes ahead and implements the revisions or not, these strategies are well worth doing anyway, but if you do find your web page sitting apart from other results, then it’s important to make sure that it grabs attention and makes full use of its improved readability.

For help with implementing these changes feel free to get in touch.