Spending on display advertising in the States is set to increase by up to 90 per cent over the next five years.

That’s according to Forrester Research which estimates that 2019 will see companies spend approximately $36.7 billion on online display ads, dwarfing the current figure of $19.8 billion.

If accurate it’s great news for the industry, and if it’s something you’re interested in trying out for your business you’ll be happy to hear campaigns are easier than ever to customise to target the right audience.

Forrester also points out that display ads on smartphones and tablets are expected to make up around 40 per cent of all online display ad spending.

Good job that Google’s been reinventing the way you can use display advertising then, isn’t it!

Do you use remarketing as part of your online strategy? How effective has it been and how do you use it? Let me know in the comments section below.

Majestic mobile advertising

Google’s forever changing its services and algorithms, for better or worse. A number of webmasters are currently fearing the latter with news of a Penguin algorithm update just around the corner


Google’s updates are always for the benefit of its users: searchers.


In reality Google’s updates are always for the benefit of its users: searchers. But the company is also always striving to make things easier for webmasters and give them the most refined insights and tools possible to give web users the best experience possible.

Google has recently rolled out four new advertising formats to help display advertisers better target customers, and can be found in Google’s Display Network, the AdMob Network, and DoubleClick.

Now smaller ads can be dynamically resized, meaning that smaller ads when clicked will fill up the screen of a mobile device. More apps will also be getting TruView video ads which has only previously been available on gaming apps.

Google’s anchored ads will also be fixed at the bottom of the screen when you’re looking through articles and other pages, with Google also offering magazine-style ads to complement mobile users’ reading habits.

The common denominator? They’ll all be great on mobile devices. No wonder those figures from Forrester are looking so good…

Retail and remarketing

Google is also going a step further by rolling out dynamic remarketing advertising across the Google Display Network. Retailers will now be able to use dynamic remarketing across all verticals after recently testing the ads on travel and education verticals.

So what does that mean in a practical sense for marketers? It means that AdWords professionals can retarget a user with a personalised ad when an ad impression is served.

It’s not a service that’s unique to Google but statistics suggest it’s an effective one. During beta testing for instance Google claims that advertisers saw conversion rates double and cost-per-acquisition drop by 60 per cent.

How much of your budget goes into online marketing and do you have any plans to increase or decrease that amount in the future? Let me know below!

Social remarketing

Social remarketingIf it’s not unique to Google then where else can it be found? Remarketing can be found on social media, for instance, with Twitter especially offering a remarketing service to help it become profitable.

Remarketing can be used alongside the social media platform’s Twitter Ad products which include promoted tweets and Twitter Cards.

Twitter’s remarketing system allows you to target users who have seen your website via a promoted tweet or Twitter Card from your business.

It can help in a number of ways including collecting more data for little effort when used in conjunction with Twitter Cards, which are great lead generation tools.

Facebook also updated its remarketing prowess at the end of June for users by introducing multi-product ads and changes to the Custom Audiences feature.

Custom audience improvements allowed people to target people more effectively whilst single ad units were altered to showcase three products in a single ad, which people believe will increase the likelihood of users clicking on the advertisement.

How does remarketing help my business?

The basic principle of remarketing when advertising online is to help your website stay in people’s minds.

More importantly, though, it helps keep products and offers they may be interested in in front of their eyes, encouraging them to call back to your website to make a purchase.

Take this for an example. You’re a travel agent and somebody visits your site. They click on a certain deal and are tempted, but sadly are yet to make an offer. They leave your website.

But thanks to AdWords you can target and remarket that offer so that it appears in a display advertisement whilst they’re browsing the web. It’s also a fantastic chance to get some incentives into your ads to boost your chances of making a conversion.

Beginner’s luck?

How does remarketing help my business?Though I mentioned at the start of the article that Google is making it easier for people to try their hand at remarketing and display advertising it can still be trying for an amateur to pick up.

It’s one of the reasons why a number of companies also choose to outsource their campaigns, as the time spent maintaining and bidding on ads can be a time-consuming process at the best of times.

Google’s new dynamic retargeting features can be used with AdWords’ bidding optimisation tools while retailer products can also be pulled from feeds uploaded to Google Merchant Center.

If you haven’t heard of those tools before then they’re not exactly the kind of things you can pick up and learn within a day or two. It’s worth consulting a professional to see how to use them effectively in your strategy to get the most from your budget.

Get it right, though, and a good remarketing strategy can sit alongside your other campaigns in raising awareness of your website online and helping to increase the conversion potential of your business.

If you’d like to learn more about remarketing, display advertising, and using AdWords for your business contact the Webpresence team today!