It’s still early days, but so far Google’s second venture into social networking seems to be working. Perhaps they’ve learned the lessons from their first exploration into the minefield of social media platforms, with Google Buzz, or perhaps they’ve been paying very close attention to the negative comments people have been raising about Facebook, but certainly most people’s impressions of Google+, even in its infant form, are positive and promising.

Facebook has been around a while now, and Google’s realistic answer to this behemoth of the social networking world has been a long time coming. But perhaps what that wait has enabled Google to do is to identify the real problems people have with Facebook. Perhaps one of the most significant issues users of Facebook have had over the years has been change. You just get used to working with their systems, tools, security options and profile layouts, and then they go and change it all. A very significant fact is that there are now over 1.5 million people in the Facebook group called “We Hate The New Facebook, so STOP CHANGING IT!!!”, which amazingly is now three years old, which shows just how long people have been complaining about this aspect of the network.

It seems that someone up at Google has been making a careful note of all the gripes and complaints people have raised regarding Facebook, and unlike Facebook, have gone and done something about it. Their Circles for example isn’t actually anything new. You can do pretty much the same thing on Facebook, but the trouble is that you can’t do it as well, and so Circles has been born out of this issue (video below).



It’s interesting to note that shortly after Google+ went live Facebook mashed up a sort of Circles feature pretty quickly, but it’s unlikely that they’ll change everything as quickly to address all the concerns that people have. Then again, even if they did change everything, that could upset those people who have got used to the way things are over at Facebook.

Could Google+ therefore be about to do to Facebook what Facebook did to MySpace? Leave your comments below and let us know what you think.