Between the conception and the creation, between the emotion and the response, falls Google’s latest foray into the world of social networking (apologies to T.S Eliot!)

Perhaps you didn’t spot the latest release by the search engine behemoth, although the announcement was certainly very much less of a ‘bang’ and definitely more of a ‘whimper’, as there was no fanfare, no press release, no big build up – just a quiet, unassuming little blog post published one evening which quietly revealed Google’s attempt to take on Facebook once and for all.

You might well remember the last whimper which has certainly fallen into the shadow of things best forgotten, otherwise known as Google Buzz. This is going back a few years now, although the legal battles have only just quietened, with Google firmly rapped on the knuckles for breaching privacy regulations in a spectacular way. Short of sticking a big camera on top of a tall pole and photographing your bedroom windows there wasn’t much more Google could have done to breach privacy. Oh wait, they’ve done that too of course.

Google PlusBut with Google+ it seems that they are taking on Facebook in a fairly aggressive way. Like any good political debate the important thing is not to push the positives but to utterly trash your opponent, and Google hasn’t disappointed here. Almost certainly not entirely because of the fact that Facebook remains hidden from the sight of Google’s bots and spiders, Google has declared Facebook’s amateurish attempt at social networking to be fraught with problems, making the process scary, sloppy and insensitive. Oh what a prickly pear indeed.

Google is launching its Google+ project to tackle these issues of privacy concerns and sloppiness with its own unique brand of social networking which, at the moment, is by invitation only, although you can request an invitation by visiting

With Facebook everyone is a friend, but with Google+ you create ‘circles’, sorry ‘+Circles’, which you can define, such as work colleagues, friends, family and so on. We will certainly be keeping an eye on the way the Google+ project moves forward, and will update this blog on anything we feel could be of benefit to businesses looking to expand their social media marketing. Sign up now so you don’t miss out!