By now we’ve all pretty much got used to Google’s instant search facility. When it first rolled out many SEO specialists were frantic with worry, thinking that it would cause all sorts of problems. Certainly it has shaken things up, and kept many people very busy (such as Webpresence for example!) but it has provided a number of advantages.

Clearly one of the most obvious advantages is where searching is concerned. I’m certainly finding that my search time is significantly reduced. If I try searching for something, I can see instantly whether the results look useful, and I can try adding letters, adding words or removing words to increase the accuracy of the results.

But there’s another benefit too, because integrated within Google Instant is Google Suggest. This has been around for quite a while, but with Google Instant it’s now essential for businesses to get on board with both Google Suggest and Longtail SEO.

Longtail search engine optimisation is where you integrate keyword phrases of three-four words or more into your content, and optimise for those, rather than single keywords. This is now more important than ever, and has always been a very effective way of outmanoeuvring the Big Boys and getting found more easily, by a more targeted audience who are more likely to be actively looking for what you’re offering.

Google Suggest Longtail SEO
Example of Google Suggest

If you head to Google and enter a search for ‘plant pot’ you’ll find that Google suggests ‘plant pots’, ‘plant pot stands’, ‘plant pot containers’ and ‘plant pot feet’. This gives you a great opportunity to integrate these phrases into your web pages, blog posts and SEO articles to help maximise relevant traffic and high rankings. Rather than optimising for ‘plant pot’, integrating longtail keyphrases found by using Google Suggest is a quick, easy and highly effective way of getting found.

‘Plant pot’ generates over 1 million results. ‘Plant pot containers’ generates a lot less! It’s clearly a lot easier to optimise for a longtail keyphrase, and with Google nudging people towards those longtail phrases with its quick and easy Google Instant results pages, now is the ideal time to take advantage of the clues they’re handing out for free.

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