It’s been a few weeks now since Google launched its new instant search results, and by now you’ve almost certainly had not only the chance to explore this new way of searching yourself, but you may also have started to see some differences in terms of traffic and search results positioning. You  may have even noticed a change in the dynamics of your own site, with some pages receiving more hits than before, and others seeing less.

But if you’re involved in a PPC campaign using Google’s sponsored adverts, you may have noticed some changes there too. Perhaps unsurprisingly the massive change in the way Google is delivering results has had a significant impact on the way in which PPC is working. In the past sponsored adverts were only visible once you’d entered your complete keyphrase, and hit ‘Enter’. But today you only need to type a single letter to receive a whole page of results, with sponsored listings. Hit another letter and the results change, as do the listings.

An average search phrase of around 25 characters means that you could easily have over 100 different PPC adverts displayed for a single search, at an average of four adverts per search listing. The reality is that since Google Instant launched the number of ad impressions has risen by 9.31 per cent, with ad revenues up by 1.96 per cent. This means more impressions, more cost to advertisers, and more money to Google.

But perhaps the good news is that there has been a 5.63 per cent jump in the number of clicks adverts are receiving, which means that if you’re using targeted sponsored advertising through Google, you could find your adverts costing a little more, but generating more traffic. But the real tip is to make sure that your adverts are targeting keywords likely to be found at the beginning of a relevant keyphrase. If your keyword is corkscrew, then by the time someone has entered the search phrase ‘left handed clockwork corkscrew’ they’ve already seen a hundred adverts flash past, and are less likely to see your advert.

Optimising your ads for left handed, clockwork or corkscrew may see better results, but it’s always going to be a case that every business will see different results. What’s important is to be aware that Google Instant has changed PPC, and it may be time to review your ad campaign and perhaps make a few changes yourself.