Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see inside Google’s head? We’re talking metaphorically here of course, but in fact there is a way in which you can make Google reveal a little of what’s going on underneath the hood (if that isn’t mixing metaphors too much).

One of the aspects of today’s SEO which we’ve discussed a great deal in previous blog posts is LSI, or Latent Semantic Indexing. This is a way of writing web content and marketing materials (such as articles and blog posts) in a way which incorporates good quality subject related vocabulary. A broad range of relevant vocabulary included in an article, web page or blog post increases the likelihood that Google will, through LSI, deem it to be of high relevance, and therefore worth a decent position in the search results

But how do you know which words Google feels are related to your primary keywords? In fact there is a way of doing this, although most people are either unaware of it, or have passed it by. It’s called Google Sets, and you can visit the page by visiting http://labs.google.com/sets.

LSI Google Sets
What you’ll see is a page that looks similar to Google’s normal search page, but which instead includes 5 search boxes. In each of these write one of your main keywords. In our example we used the following 5 words:

  1. Y3
  2. trainers
  3. Yamamoto
  4. men’s
  5. fashion

Once you have done that you can then either click the ‘Small Set’ button which will give you up to 15 words which Google considers to be highly relevant and related to your words, or the ‘Large Set’ button which will give you significantly more. In our example we clicked ‘Large Set’, and were given the following list of words:

  1. men’s
  2. Y-3
  3. fashion
  4. Yamamoto
  5. trainers
  6. style
  7. shoes
  8. white
  9. footwear
  10. black
  11. heels
  12. boots
  13. women
  14. clothes
  15. silver
  16. designer
  17. dresses
  18. sandals
  19. sneakers
  20. leather
  21. jewellery
  22. design
  23. blue
  24. pumps
  25. red
  26. flats
  27. summer
  28. shirts
  29. chic
  30. gold
  31. sexy
  32. pink
  33. booties
  34. green
  35. cute
  36. brown
  37. apparel
  38. tops
  39. grey
  40. girl
  41. cool
  42. bags
  43. Adidas
  44. platform
  45. metallic

So with just a quick click we have been handed a list of over 40 relevant words which we could consider including in our web content and marketing material. It’s just a little glimpse of what’s going on in the mind of Google, but it all helps.