With social networking now taking almost a quarter of our time, isn’t it about time Google got in on the act? Because what we need is a Google-And-Go solution to social networking, rather than the increasingly time consuming social media sites we’re seeing today, with more side shows, distractions, bells, whistles and other paraphernalia that doesn’t necessarily help businesses.

Google has tried muscling in on the social media scene before, and failed every time. Anyone remember Google Buzz? The only social networking success within Google’s repertoire is You Tube, but let’s be honest, they didn’t create it – they just bought it out.

Google is hugely successful, but its success is based on doing one thing well – getting rid of visitors as quickly as possible. That might not seem like a positive business approach, but it works, just like it does in fast food restaurants where the aim is to get your customers served and out of the door as quickly as possible.

When people use Google they want results delivered quickly so that they can move on as soon as possible to whatever it is they’re actually after. In many ways, despite You Tube being eminently successful, it follows Google’s basic premise of shifting people as soon as possible. Very few people network using You Tube – it’s more a way of getting what you came for and going shortly afterwards.

With Google buying companies such as those behind Facebook’s Farmville application it seems clear that they’re wanting to grab a slice of the social networking action, but perhaps with their past record it’s almost inevitably going to be a case of developing social networking solutions which provide results, then get shot of you quickly.

Dubbed ‘Google Me’ by those looking out for Google’s upcoming announcements regarding their intentions for social networking, it seems likely that any solution will either be bought in wholesale, or developed to create a more streamlined social networking platform.

Streamline social networking and you speed it up; speed up social networking and you improve efficiency, and that may help businesses recover some of the 23% of their time that’s currently be swallowed up by social media.