Googling for your own business to identify how well your PPC campaign is doing is both counter-productive, and almost certainly highly inaccurate. Let me explain why Googling for yourself could be costing you money, and causing your PPC campaign to be woefully off-target.

So why would Googling yourself cost you money? Well, this is almost certainly going to be the case if you’re using PPC or Pay Per Click as part of your online marketing campaign. PPC can be very effective, but if you use Google to search for your business in the hope of seeing your adverts appear, then this is very damaging to your business. Yet, despite this fact, many companies do exactly this. So, what’s the risk?

Sponsored adverts or PPC adverts are displayed for relevant keyword searches. But they won’t be displayed for every search that’s carried out. There is simply not enough room on the page or the screen for every PPC advert to be displayed, and so by taking a range of factors into account, including the bid amount for each advert, your advert will be held in a queue, and only displayed for a relevant keyword search once it’s reached the front of the queue.

Of course, this may happen more frequently if you’ve paid a very high bid amount, but even so, it won’t appear 100% of the time. But, and here’s the real problem, by Googling yourself enough times to cause your advert to appear, you’re reducing the number of times your advert is likely to be seen by real customers.

If you’ve just seen your own advert, then the next search that’s carried out probably won’t result in your advert being displayed, and that could have been a potential customer. Instead of Googling yourself to check your PPC adverts, use Google’s Ad Preview Tool.