For more businesses across the UK than ever before, the website is becoming the be all and end all in terms of converting curious visitors to hard-sales and customers. Needless to say therefore, the fact that the website only gets one chance to deliver a first impression of the company is something that shouldn’t exactly be taken lightly, given the way in which there are thousands of competitors out there doing their level best to steal every last penny of business you’re fighting to attract. webdesign

Now more than ever, website design is playing a huge role in winning the business of visitors for no reason other than the way in which expected standards have rocketed clear off the scale.

With this in mind, the following represents four of the most effective and popular web design trends for 2013 guaranteed to help with those crucial first impressions:


Less is more – a cliché to end all clichés but one that certainly rings true with today’s business websites. Rather than blinding visitors with science, one of the most effective approaches is to do away with the clutter, minimise anything that isn’t 100% necessary to the core message and keep things as easy to digest and navigate as possible. What all of the above amounts to is a proven method of drawing complete and total attention to the primary message you’re looking to deliver, having removed all superfluous distractions.

Minimalist website design includes considerations like making the best of any white space, choosing the ideal contrast of colours, removing any adornments that clutter the overall appearance and being sure to filter out any text or content that stands to distract from the core message.

Unique Photography

Anyone can spot a piece of stock photography from a mile away and chances are such images won’t see your site currying any real favour with the punters. They are clichéd, soulless and in the worst instances make you and your site look lazy and careless.

On the other hand, unique photography taken or procured by yourself can be tailored to look nothing like the rest of the homogenised and uninspiring stock photos used by your rivals and really drive home the message of your brand. It is however important not to stray too far into the ‘creative’ and end up with something absurd.

Bold Text

Given the fact that your website’s core purpose is to deliver a message, the text you use to do this could not be of greater importance. One of the most popular design trends for 2013 so far therefore is the use of bold and striking typefaces, which although able to leap out of the page and grab the attention of the reader are still 100% legible and in-fitting with the rest of the page.

The use of different typefaces and sizes of lettering is a simple and crucially effective means of bringing something of a hierarchy to your text and driving home which parts of the message are the most important for your readers.

Calls to Action

Last but not least, calls to action are nothing new but have once again come into their own in web design for 2013. An effective call to action button must be immediately visible, larger than any other button on the page, straight to the point in terms of text, positioned in an obvious place and designed in a colour that both fits in and stands out – get it right and will often do half of the world for you!

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