It’s important to be clear about the use of <H1> tags, but over the years the advice has varied. Today, following the rolling out of Google’s Panda series of updates there are mixed messages being shared about the way in which HTML Heading tags should, and shouldn’t be used.

The following checklist is what we follow based on widely agreed best practice.

  • Only include one <H1> tag per page
  • Include your primary keyword in the <H1> tag, preferably at the beginning
  • Try to keep <H1> and <H2> titles between 5-7 words long
  • Include the <H1> heading as near the top of the web page as possible
  • Always separate <H1> and <H2> tags with <P> paragraph tabs
  • Include <H2> tags for sub headings
  • Do not repeat your keyword in the <H2> tags, but use semantically relevant vocabulary
  • Do not worry about using <H3> tags as in terms of SEO they offer very little value, so write them naturally, targeting readers not search engines
  • Do not skip levels if using multiple heading tags (e.g. using <H1> and <H3> tags without any <H2> tags)


Do you have any additional recommendations or tips with regard to using heading tags? Are there any questions or potential problems you can see? Please Share your thoughts below.