At what point does publicity through Facebook go beyond status updates and become full blown viral marketing? With one recent media report describing the lengths to which some parents will go in expressing their love of all things FB (naming their son ‘Like’), this week there was the alleged case of one woman deciding to have the profile pictures of all 152 of her Facebook friends tattooed on her arm (read more)!

Facebook TattoosA lot of people thought this was weird, and taking Facebook too far. But here’s the clever part. It was fake. That’s right – it turns out that the tattooing was a staged video that was completely faked. The images that were taken, and which spread like wildfire throughout all social networking platforms, were of transfer tattoos which only last a day or so. So what was the point?

The video was a cleverly planned publicity stunt for a Dutch company which creates a range of gifts from your Facebook profile pictures. Rather than the alleged two weeks it was supposed to have taken it actually only took 30 hours, yet it’s easy to see just how effective this marketing stunt was. The video on YouTube alone has received 1.5 million hits (,  and there’s barely a single media outlet not featuring the story.

A Google search for ‘Facebook friends tattoo’ generates over 17 million results, and every single result on the first 3 pages includes the name of the Dutch company.

It just shows not only how powerful and effective social networking is, but also how sometimes it pays to break the rules a little, and think a little more creatively about your marketing opportunities.

If you could do with a little help trying to get social networking to work more effectively for your business why not get in touch and see how we can help? We don’t even need our clients to have our profile image tattooed on their arms either.