Don’t forget, you are not a celebrity. Well, all right, perhaps you are, I really don’t know. But the point is that a remarkable number of business owners and online entrepreneurs do seem to think that they are Hollywood superstars on whose every word hundreds or thousands of people hang.

This is fairly evident from the fact that many people use Facebook and Twitter, as well as their blog, to publish a seemingly never ending monologue detailing their life, their work, their opinions, views and new understandings. They seem to assume that the only real use which social media has to offer is that lonely, bored people with nothing else to do can live a virtual life through their daily updates, tweets and blog posts.

Whilst this kind of use of social media may be reasonably acceptable for Hollywood superstars, it is not the way in which social media should be used by businesses. It isn’t so much about media, as ‘social’ media, but often this word ‘social’ tends to get overlooked.

If you were to go to a party and talk non-stop at everyone, regardless of whether they were listening or not, and completely ignore anything anybody else was talking about or saying to you, then it’s unlikely you would be invited back to many more parties in the future. You wouldn’t make many friends, and the same is true with using social media for online marketing.

Have a look now at your recent tweets and blog posts, and ask yourself how many times you use the word ‘I’, or ‘me’. Then count up the number of times you use the word ‘you’. If the first number is bigger than the second number, and you are not a Hollywood superstar, then you are not using social media in a way which is likely to work positively for your business.

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