I saw something interesting in Waterstones at the weekend.

As I passed the classics I found next to them a table full of books based on YouTube stars. I found a biography written about popular YouTube vlogger Zoella alongside a rather large looking tome telling me how to become famous on the video-sharing site.

The table was full of books on all sorts of different vloggers, from make-up artists to gamers and more. It was fascinating; to me it shows how much the gap between internet stardom and hitting it big in the mainstream is closing.


The gap between internet stardom and hitting it big in the mainstream is closing


And with YouTube reaching 10 years old the stats for the likes of Zoella and video marketers keep on making for fascinating reading. 89 per cent of UK respondents to a OnePoll survey said they’d likely purchase a product they saw on YouTube if it got a good review.

But language online continues to change, especially when it comes to search. Bing is close to releasing its own mobile-friendly algorithm while you’re set to see ‘Buy’ buttons appearing on PPC ads sooner rather than later.

Here’s how that change in language can help your business.

How important is content marketing to your business and how do you use video to complement it? How do you use it to attract your market? Let me know in the comments section below.

Become a how-to hero

I mention this because Google has released statistics that show the huge rise in ‘how-to’ video searches.

Searches for tutorials are growing 70 per cent year-on-year with 100 million hours of how-to videos viewed by North American users alone since the start of the year. Guide videos range from how to put on make-up to unblocking toilets and more.

Why is this growth so important? Because it shows the very real impact of smartphones, with YouTube bods saying so many people are turning to their phones when they need to complete a tricky task.

The Millennial crowd is also credited with the surge, with 67 per cent turning to YouTube whenever they want to learn something, according to Google research.

So while technical changes such as buy-button PPC campaigns are set to hit the marketing circuit soon, don’t underestimate the impact of helpful, simple content that helps people in their daily lives.

Step2 it

Data like this says to me what an important move it was for Google to introduce the Hummingbird search algorithm back in 2013.

Hummingbird is supposed to specialise in ‘conversational search’, with these statistics also highlighting how effective voice search is becoming for users.

Video marketing is a very effective sales and lead generation tactic. There’s a wonderful case study over at MarketingSherpa that highlights how toy producer Step2 has used videos to market its products, with 174 per cent of viewers more likely to convert than non-viewers.



The short summary is that Step2 have an enormous range of high-value toys. They were struggling to get some onto retail shelves, so they produced long-form practical videos aimed at families with a budget.

As well as sharing and featuring the videos on their own site they partnered with retailers online, who all saw interactions with the videos and boosts in sales. Step2 also take a lot of consumer feedback and use it to perfect the look of the videos.

That last part is the most crucial bit in Step2’s success, as they take commentary and expand it on future videos. Queries such as how a child interacts with a toy and assembly has made their videos more guide-like, helping to build a brand relationship with both consumers and retailers.

What’s your favourite example of YouTube marketing and creative content? How has it inspired your own efforts? Let me know below!

Going above and beyond

It’s an excellent example of getting on the right side of potential customers by being friendly, helpful, and honest with them. Step2 isn’t just showing off its own products here; it’s showing the overall service they’re offering and how they listen to consumers with children.

That resonates with people, not just shoppers. Going above and beyond to be as helpful as possible is worth its weight in gold, and the clever way they’ve managed to promote that message with retailers is a marketing masterstroke.

And you can start doing this yourself, with or without video by producing helpful content that digs deep into who you are, what you do, and why you’re doing it.

Small businesses can benefit from producing guides, how-to posts, blogs that show what happens behind the scenes, creative pieces that can be shared socially to capture the imagination of the local community, and more.

The benefit for larger businesses, as many others alongside Step2 have shown, is that creative content can give a voice and a personality to big industry competitors, as well as show their friendly and helpful side.


The right creative strategy put into place will help you form those bonds.


As the partnership with Step2’s retailers also shows content alone may not be enough to do it. You need to share that content with the right audience, target the people that matter to you and your business, and share it across relevant platforms.

And as time passes YouTube is becoming one of the most relevant platforms. Smaller businesses can benefit from YouTube, thanks to professional filming and imaging equipment essentially being a staple feature on the modern smartphone.

But not even a dash of creativity may be able to help. As I like to point out, no matter how you market yourself strategy is the most important thing you need to focus on or your message can get lost easily in the chasms of the internet.

The ability to form long-term meaningful relationships is getting so much easier thanks to the internet, but it’s also getting easier to shatter them, too. The right creative strategy put into place will help you form those bonds.


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