In a way social media’s far more volatile than search.

Not in its core service, though. Facebook is still a great way for friends to connect, Twitter’s an outstanding way to get your thoughts out there, and Pinterest is still one of the best ways to share images and build a visual following.

The rules can change overnight in search. Take Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. And, while for the greater good overall, algorithm changes can prove to be a huge headache for people wanting the absolute best search campaign possible.

The most changes that happen with social platforms are with its bells and whistles (think pokes becoming marginalised and adding articles to Pinterest). But the change in a lot of platforms’ marketing tools now makes a budget necessary to reach people.


Honesty Is The Best Policy When Generating B2B Social Media Leads


If you’re looking for leads to help your business grow then you’re not only going to have to optimise your social profiles, but yourself too.

How often do you use social media to generate leads? How successful have your campaigns been? Let me know in the comments section below.

Linking up

I write this because LinkedIn has currently released a new bell (or is it a whistle?) with its new job search app for Android.

The clue’s in the name, really. It’s part of LinkedIn’s standalone app family, with LinkedIn Jobs earning $369million in revenue for the professionals’ social network in the last quarter.

The LinkedIn jobs app offers a great way for people to find jobs and post for positions, and LinkedIn has been branching its other services off in a similar fashion. Take its Sales Navigator, for instance, which promises to help generate social leads for individuals and companies alike.

But again, as good as it claims to be, it comes with a price. Quite a big one, but one that’s arguably justified for how deep it goes when discovering potential B2B leads.

But you can still generate great B2B leads with LinkedIn for free. After all, that’s the true nature of social media, isn’t it?

Getting personal with LinkedIn, top tips!

B2B connections are highly valuable, and a great way to make new friends within the industry, create new working partnerships, and discover more about commercial events and more in your area.

And while you can find potential B2B leads on the likes of Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn’s ability to find other professionals is unparalleled in the social sphere, and a magnificent way to become an influencer in your industry without having to spend a penny.

91 per cent of B2B marketers use LinkedIn, after all. And the best way to get them to listen to you is to use LinkedIn’s basic features as best you can, giving an honest representation of yourself and how you do business.


Getting personal with LinkedIn

#1 Optimise your profile

Seemingly obvious, especially with all social accounts, but there are still so many people out there that just create a profile for themselves or their business and expect it to be found.

Use the best picture of yourself as you can find, nice and clear, and fill in as many of the boxes as you can with as much detail as possible about your career history, your education, your interests and passions, and more. Not only for the benefit of people visiting your profile, but to help you appear in searches, too.

#2 A powerful company profile

The same goes for your company profile. Make it sound as attractive as possible and sum up your business’s qualities and USPs in the first sentence above the fold. The Microsoft company page is a fantastic example, also using great use of images to highlight its company philosophy and give an instant message.

#3 Showcase pages that enhance your brand

Company pages are also able to show off branch products and services, something again which Microsoft does very well with its own products. Down the right-hand side you can see pages for its products such as Office, with each page giving a great view of its professional applications as well as showing up in searches.


LinkedIn Showcase pages that enhance your brand

#4 Pulse content that attracts

Instead of blogging on your site and hoping to be discovered Pulse content with a lot of thought put into it is a great way to attract people and become an industry influencer. The Pulse editor is easy to use, and if you use strong imagery and calls to action as well as tagging your posts properly you can attract a strong B2B following and leads.

LinkedIn allows you to message people#5 Group discussions

Not only are you representing your business on LinkedIn, but you’re also treating your knowledge as a commodity. Spread it as much as you can by creating groups and inviting people to them to talk about your industry, or join relevant groups to you to talk with others and offer insight into areas that others may not have much experience with.

What’s your approach to social media and what tactics are you using to boost your visibility and connect with customers? Let me know below!

Don’t be a salesman

Well, you can be a salesman, but don’t be a pushy, annoying one. Once you’ve started using and optimising your profiles for LinkedIn then you can take advantage of reaching out and pitching to people thanks to its excellent targeted search options.

LinkedIn allows you to message people, and its InMail and Open Network options allow you to make a first impression in a simple way.

But you need to make sure it’s a good one by being honest and introducing yourself and what you do without coming across as a pest. Persistence is an admirable quality, but lead generation is a slow burn and if you want to work with new people then let them get to know you first.

But having an impressive LinkedIn presence alongside a professional web presence and portfolio will make generating B2B leads a whole lot easier.


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(Image: Grant Marketing)