seo in 2011After a year of Panda updates the SEO landscape has changed, considerably! So what are the key takeaways from 2011, and what should you be taking through to 2012?  (Join the discussion on LinkedIn and Quora)

CONTENT – Keep your website ‘fresh’ by adding content on a regular basis. Ensure that each page has unique, quality content as duplicate & ‘low value’ content on one page can devalue other pages.

ON-PAGE OPTIMISATION – Optimise on a page-to-page basis ensuring uniqueness of each page. Make sure you have ‘enticing’ Title and Description tags that encourage click-throughs from the SERPs

KW RESEARCH – Focus on keywords that are relevant and likely to convert, consider the longtail and location modifiers!

BACKLINKS – Secure quality links over quantity. Use varied partial match anchor texts rather than repetitive exact match.

USER EXPERIENCE – Consider usability! Bounce rate, page views and time on site are now factored into the ranking algorithms.

SPEED – Make sure your website loads fast, speed matters!

GET SOCIAL – Signals from Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and +1’s impact rankings

Have anything to add? Or do you disagree with any of the points above? Lets debate on the LinkedIn discussion or Quora discussion.




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