Do you know what your Klout score is? And does it really matter anyway? The problem in the world of online marketing and branding is that there are so many ways in which one can be assessed and compared to others that it’s easy to overlook those scores, tools or platforms which actually do work, work well, and which can have a pretty hefty influence themselves.

If you don’t know what your Klout score is, then it may be worth checking it out, and not just out of personal pride and interest. Because a lot of people involved in online marketing have already found themselves either benefitting, or suffering, as a direct result of their Klout score.


How Much Klout Do You Have Online, And Does It Really Matter Anyway

So What Is A Klout Score?

Klout is a simple online influence analysis platform which gauges, pretty accurately, how much influence you have in the online world within your niche field of specialism. It does this by looking at your various social media profiles, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

The point is that whilst you may tweet several times a day, regularly update your Facebook profile and share news and information through Google+ frequently, that in itself says nothing. What is important is how much influence all that actually has. In other words, how much clout do you have?

But What Makes Klout’s Analysis Any Different From My Google Ranking?

The difference is simply that Google aims to analyse your website’s relevance, whereas Klout aims to provide you with a more personal gauge of your influence on people. After all, it’s people who make the calls to your sales team.

If you aren’t doing too well promoting and marketing your site then it will linger far down the search results out of site. Your Klout score however is always readily available and publicly visible to everyone at all times – along with a historical chart which demonstrates how your influence has changed over time.

Is There Really Any Benefit To Be Had In Having A High Klout Score?

Yes. For two reasons – possibly three. First of all it’s an excellent and simple way of determining at a glance whether your social media marketing is really having any reasonable effect. Tweeting by itself achieves nothing, but if you gain followers, prompt replies, and encourage re-tweets then this makes all the difference, and it’s factors such as these which determine your Klout score. Change your approach, and you may see a change in your Klout score, which in turn is likely to reflect more positively in your Google ranking.

A growing number of people are now checking out other people’s Klout score to determine whether they really are as good as they claim to be. If you’re in marketing, branding, PR or online optimisation then it’s pretty important to have a decent Klout score, otherwise people are going to pass you by as someone who merely has a pretty website and a lot of time on his/her hands to tweet about stuff.

But there’s also the rewards. Klout is the only site I know of which offers you real rewards for having a decent score. If you have a high Klout score then it isn’t surprising that big name brands are going to be keen to track you down and try to get you on board.

On the Klout site you’ll see a rewards section, and depending on how good your score is you’ll see more, and better, rewards. This could be anything from an all expenses paid weekend trip testing a new car, free laptops, designer clothing, food or upgrades when booking hotel rooms – all in the hope that someone with your kind of influence will go on to have something positive to say about the brand or product.

Additionally I have heard of people booking in to hotels and finding themselves upgraded for free, as a result of the hotel’s unadvertised policy of checking guests’ Klout scores prior to their arrival. Influence matters.

So whether it’s another useful social media marketing metric, an opportunity to demonstrate within your industry how effective you are, the chance to earn real world rewards or find yourself treated a little better than you might, Klout is definitely worth spending a little time looking at. For the most accurate analysis connect all of your social media profiles to Klout.


Do you use Klout already? Care to share your Klout score with us? Have you already found any benefits, or earned any rewards? If you have any thoughts about Klout and the whole concept of social media influence do please leave your comments in the box below.