There has been a lot of discussion in the world of SEO recently regarding just how long longtail keyphrases need to be. Many standard keyphrases are between 1-3 words, with anything longer than this tending to be shunned by those unfamiliar with the huge benefits of longtail.

Although there’s no hard and fast rule it seems that general consensus suggests longtail SEO phrases are those greater than 4 words, with 3-5 being about where most SEO specialists are sitting. But although the talk has mainly been about the minimum number of words which makes up a longtail keyphrase, far fewer people have been talking about the upper limits.

Just how long can a longtail keyphrase be? For many of us searching online today, facing millions or even billions of results for short phrases or single words, the only answer is to become more and more specific. We’re no longer searching for ‘fountain pens’ online, but ‘short cartridge fountain pens with gold tipped nib and free postage’.

Clearly there are too many different combinations to be able to optimise for all of them, but even by optimising for a few of these highly specific keyphrases could see your page at the very top of the search results pages. It’s one of those foggy areas of SEO that very few people have stepped into, but I suspect that the benefits of including a few highly specific longtail keyphrases of 5+ words could reap highly significant rewards.

After all, isn’t it better to be at #1 on Google for a longtail keyphrase that’s going to be found by those people looking for exactly what you’re offering than languishing far enough down the results with a main keyphrase to be overlooked by almost everybody? Longer longtail keyphrases – drop them in to your SEO routine from time to time and watch the results.

What’s the longest longtail KW you’ve optimsed for? Let us know by leaving a comment below..