Yet again somebody gets LSI wrong. Every week SEO ‘specialists’ seem intent on churning out misinformation, and much of it relates to LSI. This week one SEO blogger wrote ‘Google uses a technology called LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing. That’s why you’ll want to employ the use of synonyms of keywords right alongside the keywords you’re actually aiming for’ (

Two points: firstly, including synonyms alongside your main keyword goes directly against the principle of LSI.
Google’s LSI algorithms are there to try it identify how relevant content is to the subject, achieved primarily by
comparing the breadth of the vocabulary to known reliable and relevant sources of information on the same subject.

But as part of this synonyms are considered identical to the original keyword, and are treated as such. This means that by including lots of synonyms alongside your keyword your effective keyword density will sky rocket, and we all know what’s likely to happen next. Just remember to wave goodbye on your way out of the search results pages.

The second problem is this. How many authoritative texts use synonyms in addition to the main keyword? An
encyclopedia entry for ‘bicycle’ is likely to use the word ‘bicycle’ all the way through, rather than occasionally use
‘cycle and ‘bike’ whenever it feels like it. Using synonyms is a huge clue that poor quality SEO is going on, which could result in a one way ticket out of the SERPs.