Google+As social media has continued to revolutionise the marketing industry, it’s become increasingly important for business owners to seek out the latest trends in this trending technology.

Social media allows business owners to connect with customers, potential customers and other businesses like never before, and currently, Google Plus is leading the social media marketing charge. Officially released in June 2011, Google Plus offers a variety of intuitive social media features that are designed to help both individuals and businesses to connect with the world. If you’re new to Google Plus or social media in general, here are a two ideas for getting the most out of this new marketing medium:

1. Google Plus Circles

Google Plus uses a ‘follower categorisation’ system called “circles”. Each circle represents a specific group of individuals or businesses who are connected to you through Google Plus, allowing you to segment your audience in a logical manner. The great thing about circles is that you can post an update on your Google Plus page and restrict which of your circles see it, this ensures that you send the right messages to the right people.

For instance, if you set up a circle for customers who have already done business with you, you can share information about a special customer loyalty programme, and only your existing customers will see it. You can also create circles for potential customers or leads and then share information about special first time customer offers exclusively with those individuals.

2. Hangout On Google Plus

Unlike some social networking sites, Google Plus allows users to employ multimedia on their pages, including pictures, videos, audio and more. You can also set up a “hangout“, which is essentially a video conferencing tool. When you start a hangout, you can invite certain individuals or circles to join you, and all of these people will be able to see and hear you, as well as text chat with you through their computers.

Creating a hangout would be a great way to debut a new product or service, and then you could have a live Q&A session with attendees afterwards. While older methods of marketing, such as print media, are still viable, there’s nothing better than actually demonstrating a product or service for a customer in person, and using video conferencing technology is the next best thing to actually being face to face with a customer. Additionally, the ability to interact on such a personal level will go a long way in demonstrating who you are and what your business is all about.


Guest Bio: This guest post was written by Joel who uses Google Plus to promote his site cash for cars, a company that pays money for junk cars.