How Marketing Automation Can Grow Your Business And Save You Money


Marketing automation sounds a bit scary, doesn’t it?

In actuality, though, it’s quite a simple idea and – crucially – can be an essential service for smaller businesses looking to take the next step in their growth.

Marketing automation services can best be described as a right-hand man. Something of a virtual assistant designed to take the most mundane tasks from your hands and perform them to the highest standards.

Because although some tasks in the day-to-day running of your business may be mundane, they’re no doubt absolutely essential to the growth of your business.

Marketing automation does what it says; automates those tedious marketing tasks and saves you time, leaving you to concentrate on running other areas of your business.

Lead nurturing with marketing automation

Marketing automation is more than just saving you time. It’s also an essential tool for nurturing leads in order to develop relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel, and the buyer’s journey. It allows you to communicate with potential prospects in an effective, creative manner – if done properly.

Most importantly it can be implemented into virtually any industry for a massive variety of uses; collecting and organising data, reaching out to prospects via email and social, directing traffic to specific, relevant areas on websites and much more.

What price can you put on your time as a small business owner? As you grow and build a team to help you out, are you really able to answer every single email – both internal and external – while conducting your next business moves?

The right marketing automation campaign will use industry-leading software to help your business grow. Not every business is the same and grows in different ways. Some are data led, some rely heavily on creative marketing, and some are entirely sales-focused.

Marketing automation can provide a solution for them all, but it can be a tricky thing to implement for people that have little experience of marketing in the digital sphere or in using technical software.

Pairing with an agency that provides marketing automation can save you both time and money as you collaborate together to build a system that regularly achieves your goals, helps your business grow and is a totally bespoke service.


Lead nurturing with marketing automation

The power of marketing automation

So, how exactly does it work?

As we say, it’s bespoke and works for you. There are different kinds of automation software out there but the basic goal with all them is the same; to automate typical daily tasks in the most beneficial way possible.

80 per cent see their leads increase and 77 per cent see conversions increase with marketing automation according to Venture Beat. Here’s how:

1: Personalised lead nurturing

Growing businesses have a lot of data to sift through, and not every customer is the same. If you use email marketing, for instance, it can be tough keeping an eye on large lists, who you need to send follow-up emails to and seeing which accounts aren’t responsive.

Marketing automation can take that weight off your shoulders. A campaign can be created that sends leads a follow-up email after a certain time and moves unresponsive people to different lists, allowing you to focus on prospects that will actually convert.

2: Directing leads and prospects

As well as nurturing leads marketing automation can help you to discover new ones whether people discover you through your website, social media or search engines. Automation can detect certain elements to profile people, assign them a ‘lead score’ and fulfil their needs as well as yours.

People are never at the same part of the sales cycle; marketing automation can filter people to the right areas of your business to encourage conversions and sign-ups. People visiting a certain page can be directed to specialist capture forms while other prospects can be sent to product pages.

3: Bringing together marketing campaigns

Small businesses in a state of fast growth will likely be using a number of marketing efforts from social media, SEO, PPC, email and other inbound practices. It can be quite a task keeping on top of all those different campaigns, though.

Marketing automation can bring those campaigns together as one, improving consistency, tone of message and helping you target better people who will potentially become long-term customers under a single marketing umbrella.


Bringing creativity to your marketing automation

Bringing creativity to your automation

As effective as marketing automation can be it’s so important to strip it down to the most basic level, as you should be doing with all of your digital marketing efforts.

At a base level the key will always be your audience and your customers. Reaching out to them and directing them on a journey is so important, and you’ll be investing in marketing automation to refine that journey in a mutually beneficial way.

Only, being obvious with your automation efforts may end up turning some people off. You don’t want to be overloading prospects with begging emails, for instance; you won’t see them again for dust.

You have to define your market and your target audience as much as possible, their likes and dislikes, the devices they use and how they actively use the internet. Marketing automation isn’t a magic wand; it will help and enhance targeted creative campaigns.

You still need to produce creative content and imagery, and entice your audience with incentives they can’t find anywhere else and hit them with messages that speak to them.

Marketing automation software can help promote those messages in clearer, more consistent ways to the right people, but it’s a balance you should always be thinking about and looking at in your efforts.

Again, though, that takes time. Time that a lot of small business owners don’t have when they’re concentrating on taking their business to the next stage of growth.

Partnering with a marketing automation specialist can not only help you refine your campaigns and find you better leads, but refine your audience and find you a creative angle to target them with over social media and more to turn them into customers who tell their friends and family that you exist.

Webpresence is pleased to announce we are now offering marketing automation services for business looking to hit the next stage of their growth. Contact the Webpresence team today to find out more and speak to a marketing specialist.