During June 2010 Microsoft Bing grew by 7%, whilst Google dropped 1%. Whilst this doesn’t mean you should abandon Google just yet it does reveal the fact that optimising for Bing should be an essential part of any SEO strategy. But what exactly does it take to optimise for Bing?

Recent information suggests that one of the unique ways in which websites can optimise for Bing is by including outbound links. Yes, you read that correctly – outbound links, not just inbound ones.

It seems that whereas Google is primarily looking at how popular your website is by analysing inbound links, Microsoft Bing is rewarding a less selfish approach, with pages containing links to reputable external sites ranking considerably better than those with only internal links.

Linking to reputable news sites, resource sites such as Wikipedia or to business sites with a good reputation all provide a definite edge in terms of SEO for Bing, as well as providing a greater sense of credibility with visitors.