Using inbound marketing to target niche customers


Take a look at the magazine stands at a supermarket or at WHSmith.

There are so many different kinds, especially in WHSmith; there, they’re categorised into areas such as lifestyle, gardening, music and more.

Specialist publishers producing specialist content, all fighting to attract the attention of the specialist reader who has a keen interest in what they have to say. These magazines are small in circulation but sell at a higher price because, well, not everybody’s into lifestyle, gardening or music.

The print industry’s been hit hard, but that hasn’t stopped publishers and businesses creating their own specialist content and products to sell online.

Those specialist markets still exist, though. If you’re in a niche industry then it can be tough to specifically target and uncover those people online who may become long-time customers and tell other specialist consumers about what it is you have to offer.

Call the doctor

Reach out to the right people and there’s every chance you can get your specialist products and services into the mainstream.

We like to think of Dr Martens as an example. The boot manufacturer was adopted by an entire generation in the ’60s during a time of political upheaval and unrest.

Dr Martens has since taken its early story to grow into a truly global fashion statement by targeting newer generations and growing up with the older ones that adopted them.

It’s the dream of so many specialist creators and companies; to get that cult, underground status as well as being a commercially viable capitalist success.

Not everyone can achieve that goal though, but they do have a much better chance of cultivating the right audience that will grow their business with a mixture of search, social media marketing and creative content.

Attracting and targeting a specialist audience locally and nationally through inbound marketing can open your products up to a whole new audience, but it’s essential to show that you understand them and target them in the right ways to attract their attention.

Thinking niche


The specialist magazines we mentioned before, as well as competing for shelf space and eyeballs, are battling against each other to outdo their competitors creatively to become the leading authority on that subject.

The winning titles will be the ones with advanced exclusives, and fresh creative content that’s more appealing to the specialist. As it is with online marketing; specialist businesses can get ahead of their competitors by creating a completely fresh creative angle that attracts their audience’s attention.

Here’s some top tips on how you can effectively target prospects in niche industries;

#1 Research your audience

People that like a specialist industry have a lot of signature habits they share. Video game enthusiasts for instance are more likely to be younger males while crochet lovers are more likely to be older women. It’s crucial to know your audience and understand why they are attracted to their chosen subject.

#2 Consider a long-tail approach

In specialist industries it can be hard to rank for generic keywords. Instead research more long-tail keywords related to your specialist industry that you can possibly rank for, and optimise your content and landing pages to entice your audience to audience to dig deeper onto your website

#3 A strong social approach

More specialist industries and niches have grown bigger than ever before thanks to the power of the internet, and it’s easier than ever before to talk to and build up a strong following of people interested in your specialist subject. It’s also an idea to talk to influencers and build relationships to reach out to more potential followers

People who are into specialist industries can’t be fooled. They know they’re stuff; if you’re looking to attract a specialist audience to grow your business then it’s absolutely essential that you know them and profile them to the letter.

The power of paid ads


How Specialist Industries Can Target Better Prospects With Inbound Marketing


Being in a specialist, niche industry though can make it harder for smaller businesses to grow. There’s a reason some brands are labelled ‘niche’ after all.

Growth when starting out can be slow, but there is a way to circumnavigate that thanks to the power of PPC advertisements to instantly boost search presence, especially if you do consider going down the long-tail keyword route to get more natural search traffic.

The same is true for social media; put some budget to one side and you can specifically target people more relevant than not through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram advertising as well as through other social media platforms like LinkedIn and Pinterest.

On Facebook for instance it’s possible to target life events. As an example, local businesses that sell specialist baby toys and equipment could potentially target people in their local area that have announced a pregnancy through a life event while a wedding photographer could target newly-engaged couples.

Better than the rest

The key word to remember here is the phrase ‘specialist’. When it comes to specialist and niche industries, people can become very learned thanks to the amount of specialist information out there on the internet.

The best way to reach out and connect with such an audience is through creative content, and providing them with something about the industry they love that they can’t find anywhere else.

That can be anything from interviews to features to infographics or original videos. As a business owner in that niche, you should have access to commercial information that can enhance your creative side and help you become an authority.

But it’s essential to research and essentially become one with the target market you’re looking to attract. What are their thoughts on a particular car model if you’re in the automotive industry, and what trends are currently exciting them?

More importantly, how do they move and communicate online, and how can you use those tools and methods to get in front of them and show your creative side? Crack the intricacies of your audience and business growth is sure to follow.


If you’d like to learn more about specialist targeting and attracting the right audience with social and search marketing, contact the Webpresence team today to speak to a specialist.