No one disputes that Google is the biggest search engine, with around 88 billion searches carried out every month. But what do you think is the second biggest search engine?

If you’re not sure, then here’s another clue – the second biggest search engine is also currently the fastest growing search engine, with 24 billion searches every month.

The answer may well surprise you, but at the same time it should give online marketers and SEO specialists something of a wakeup call as far as social media and fresh, regularly updated content is concerned, because the answer is not Yahoo, and it isn’t Bing either.

In fact, the second biggest search engine, which is being used to carry out twice as many searches every day as Yahoo and Bing combined is actually Twitter.

Yes, that’s right – Twitter is the fastest growing search engine, and the second biggest search engine. So are you optimising for it yet? The reason why Twitter is being used so much is that increasingly people are after current news, latest results, fresh content, new information, breaking stories and unique material.

Your SEO web content that was published months ago, or even just weeks ago, is clearly not going to cut it as far as twitter is concerned. This means that unless you’re optimising for Twitter, you’re losing out on almost a billion searches a day.

This reveals the extraordinary way in which the web is constantly changing, with new technologies and new ideas radically changing the way people use the web, and the way they find information out. It’s so easy to get enmeshed in optimising for Google and traditional search engines, but don’t forget to spend a fair percentage of your time on social media too.

Creating high quality articles and web content is clearly essential for ensuring high brand visibility within traditional search engines, but by taking advantage of social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as regularly updated blogs, it is possible to take advantage of a potentially explosive minefield of traffic.

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