It is interesting the different ways in which businesses and customers view the relative importance of different aspects of a website. Businesses often tend to assume that the most important parts of their website are those which sell products or services. Product or service description pages, purchase pages, shopping basket pages and so on are all given much attention, with SEO companies often being asked to promote the heck out of such pages. Yet whilst these are obviously important, they’re often not the clincher you’d expect.

That’s because these days customers are much more net savvy and much more cynical. They’re looking not just for information about products or services, but information about a company, including ways in which to build trust in a company before committing a credit card number or email address.

Obviously this is easier for large, established household brand names, but for most businesses the first impression customers are looking for is one which engenders trust and openness. So what parts of a website are often overlooked by businesses, but which should be given much more attention than they currently get?

One such example is the ‘About Us‘ page. Over the years we have been working with online businesses we have come across a huge number of wasted opportunities, with many businesses failing to include an ‘About Us’ page at all, with the majority of those who do include such a page missing out on boosting credibility and trust by including little more than an advert. Being honest, open and friendly, perhaps offering a more personal approach, including photographs of the people running the business helps create much more trust than an advert ever will.

Similarly having clear, well laid out contact pages which include a variety of ways of getting in touch is important. A phone number, email address, postal address and a contact form are all essential. There’s little point working furiously hard on SEO marketing is the website is going to lose most of the newly generated traffic because the business can’t be bothered to work on its personal approach to honesty and credibility.

What do you feel are the most important aspects of a website? As a consumer, do you tend to look for contact pages and ‘About Us’ pages? What convinces you to hand over a credit card number besides a good deal? Leave a comment below to let us know.