Blogging is one of the fastest growing things on the internet. In fact, you can make full time income if you are a decent blogger with the right connections. You have the choice of talking about whatever you feel like or having someone pick the topic for you. In any case the money is out there if you are eager enough to take it but there are things you need to know before beginning your start in the blog world.

Questions to ask yourself before starting

  1. Why did you want to start blogging in the first place?
  2. How are you going to choose what topic to blog about?
  3. Who are your competitors?
  4. Do you know where or how to earn money by submitting blogs?
  5. What is the amount you can earn?
  6. How difficult will the entire process be?


Steps in becoming a blogger

  • Putting your keyword in the title is vital. This is something bloggers call a “title tag” and it ensures that you are getting, at least, a minimal flow of people to your website. You can tell what a title tag is on a search page because it is usually highlighted. If you have multiple keywords in your title, you should always put the more important one first.
  • Have a search friendly domain name. This will help search engines more easily determine what your website is all about. For instance, if your website is about medieval history your URL should be something like
  • Properly use your keywords, which means figuring out how to maximize those words in the title or first few lines of your blog.
  • If you have pictures or images on your page, it would be a good idea to tag them with your keyword.
  • Anchoring text of out and inbound links will boost your rankings within the search engines which will ultimately put you on the first page or so if you play your cards right.
  • Having your sites linked is a great idea as long as it is not from the wrong websites.
  • Internal linking, or the way your site links to other sites is a great way to get the older blogs on your site to rejuvenate themselves.
  • Being in search directories can be good for your traffic.
  • Using robots.txt is a directive that looks for certain things and tells search engines to not look in other places.
  • Making sure your site is always accessible is vital to ensuring you continue to climb the search engine ranks.
  • Putting your keywords within the first 100 or so words of your blog will greatly increase the possibility of a person finding your site by chance or choice.
  • Always have your keyword in the final paragraph or footer just like you would in the first paragraph or header.

Doing these very simple things will turn your blogging dreams into a reality. However, you should not get the false hope that your site will be number one overnight. It takes time and dedication.

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