I’m not specifically talking about influencer marketing and targeting the right industry-types with this post.

Rather, I’m wondering if people truly realise how important it is to carry their personality online and convey the best of themselves to a wider web.

I wonder because the developers behind People+ have announced that it’ll be available on Google Glass in 2014. And, while you may not be so interested in Google Glass, the implications for search post-Hummingbird are telling.

People+ is best described as LinkedIn without its social aspects. The People+ site says it’s “an intelligent, curated directory of people and companies” that “helps you find who you’re looking for and remember people that you already know.”

In short it’s a people directory that lets you find whoever’s nearby, with the Google Glass app set to alert users to relevant people to them in their local area.

It’s all about you



The above video is intriguing because as well as showing off how People+ works, it also underlines the thinking behind Google’s Hummingbird update.

People walking around in public with the mobile device of their choice performing voice-activated search queries.

So as well as optimising your site accordingly, it may also be worth optimising your own physical web presence to become someone of note in your area and your industry.

Is Google Glass the future of mobile search, and what’s the best way for people to optimise for it? Leave me your thoughts in the comments section below.

Cultivating online confidence

The problem though may not be exposure. After all there are a huge number of free social tools out there to create a profile on and share it across the web, whether it’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Klout, or other.

So how do you get the best of your offline self onto the internet and into the consciousness of potential clients, investors, and more?

It may be something as simple as building confidence, and creating a profile for yourself that best represents your skills and achievements to the wider world.

With the support of your online profile you can expand the reach of your brand and complement its message via a clear train of thought from one of its most crucial cogs.

Building your own site

Is a social media profile enough to tell the world about all you’ve done with your life? Social media’s a great way to instantly get yourself in front of people, but as we now know, Google’s looking to give a boost to longer-form, well-sourced pieces of content.

Create a deep web presence for yourself.

  • Create a deep web presence for yourself. See if you can find an exact-match domain for your site or similar and build an online presence for yourself around it.
  • Include a portfolio of your business movements to complement your profile and explain in detail the positives of your actions over the years.
  • Include strong, clear, professional images of yourself as well as visible calls to action to contact you through email or your social media profiles.
  • Most importantly, convey yourself to first-time visitors with a clear self of self-worth and confidence in your abilities.

Include telling testimonials

I’ve previously written about how important reviews are when it comes to local exposure and how Hummingbird is set to take them into deep future consideration.

What better review than a thorough testimonial from friends, past and current colleagues, happy customers and others?

Testimonials on your site will not show visitors what an excellent service you provide, but it will also give them a glimpse into the type of person you are and your approach to particular projects.

Even better, select testimonials can also be replicated across your social media profiles to amplify the message you’re looking to convey.

What are the most important things you think should be on a personal portfolio site? Let us know below if you think I’ve missed anything out!

Fill it with valuable insight

It goes without saying that a blog on your own site would be worth its weight in gold.

Why? Because you’ll be able to add an extra plan of attack to your brand’s armoury with creative well-researched content.

But it’ll allow you to offer visitors something different to the content that can be found on your brand’s website.

As a behind-the-scenes figure you’ll likely have first-hand experience of the industry and matters in your area that the general public may be fascinated to learn about.

If that content’s a little bit too heavy for your own site then why not feature it on your personal portfolio?

Find in-depth resources and use your general knowledge and experience to offer real ground-breaking insights that will challenge industry perceptions and drive traffic back to your brand’s website.

It’s also an important step on helping you become an important influencer in your field of expertise.

Optimising yourself with confidence


A proper online portfolio can be the second prong of your brand assault if you optimise your personal website correctly and effectively.


A proper online portfolio can be the second prong of your brand assault if you optimise your personal website correctly and effectively.

In a post-Hummingbird world that equates to answering the questions that matter with the right content strategy and having the confidence to push your portfolio across social media, email, and other measures.

I’ve also written about how important it is to optimise your sites on a local level before you look to take over the world.

The same is true for when you’re optimising your personal site. Share it with people local to your community and people that may be interested in the services you personally provide.

A home away from home

Online marketing’s coming to a stage where brands will benefit from having human web associations and portfolio sites connected with them.

One of the key benefits isn’t just transparency. It’s accentuating the message of the brand to a wider audience, complementing its presence, and offering a different content strategy that will appeal to the same user base.

It’s also one of the best paths to walk along to become a serious somebody online, and set yourself apart from other influencers.


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