Sometimes when you’re looking for information online, or even looking to find out how your own website is performing for various searches, it can be very difficult because of the fact that often you need to be quite specific. However, there’s a feature which you can use in Google which will not only help widen the parameters of your search while keeping it tightly relevant to what you’re after at the same time, but it will also help you to brainstorm possible keywords and phrases which you ought to be including in your web content.

Using Tilde for keyword researchFor example, if you type ‘recipe advice’ into Google you get 95 million results, all of which include the words ‘recipe advice’ fairly prominently in the titles and summaries. But if instead you precede the word ‘recipe’ with the tilde symbol (~) then you get 635 million results, which include recipe advice, cooking advice, food advice, healthy eating advice and much more.

If you also add a tilde before the word ‘advice’ you now find you get 812 million results which offers ‘guides’, ‘tips’ and ‘choices’ as well as advice. It’s easy to see how using this feature can not only help you in your searching, but can quickly show you words which Google feels are related to the search phrase, and which you could well find beneficial to your own online marketing campaign. (Just a tip – if you’re not sure how to type the tilde symbol, hold down the ‘Shift’ and ‘#’ buttons at the same time! )