Few online businesses would deny the power of Facebook, and many private individuals are also fairly committed to it too apparently! But ‘private’ individuals may not be quite the right word anymore, since Facebook decided to have a change of policy (posted at 9pm on a Friday night – not hiding anything at all then!)

Facebook LogoThis new policy allows third party apps to access all of your private data, including telephone number, mobile number and home address. This is the sort of data you include but keep strictly private apart from letting your closest and most trusted friends or family have access.

Now, however, almost anyone can develop a third party app which will be able to access all that data – and virtually without you knowing! Previously you will have noticed those ‘warning’ dialog boxes asking for your permission for an app to access your profile, and whilst apps accessing your really private data will still display this dialog box, it looks virtually indistinguishable from the previous one, so you may still be none the wiser.

If you have a business presence on Facebook this may be of little concern, although you may just want to make sure that you only allow trusted and reputable app developers to access your profile, just in case. But if you use Facebook for personal reasons and have your own private profile, it’s probably worth being aware that your details may be more available than you thought.