The latest statistics show that Facebook is now nearing the 700 million mark, and reliable predictions suggest that by 2012 the social media behemoth will have a massive 1 billion users – that’s one sixth of the population of Earth. So if you’re not actively using Facebook to market your business, there’s really only one question to ask. Why not?

Facebook TipsLet’s also be clear about what we mean by ‘using’ Facebook. If you think that using Facebook means updating your status once every few days, occasionally writing on a friend’s wall now and again and embedding a few ‘Like’ buttons at the bottom of your blog posts when you can remember to, then you’ll probably have noticed something. It doesn’t work.

It’s odd then that so many businesses seem to be able to happily consolidate these two facts – that Facebook is nearing netting one in every six people on the planet, and that your business’s Facebook account is less productive than if you headed off to the nearest multi-storey car park on a Sunday and stuck flyers underneath windscreen wipers.

If you need help straight away with getting Facebook working harder and more effectively for your business then why not get in touch? Otherwise, make sure you keep coming back to this blog where we’ll be looking at a range of social marketing tips for getting Facebook working for your business, including profiles, groups, pages, events, feeds, adverts, polls and more.