Please bear with me. This isn’t just another one of those, already tired blog posts which jumps on the new year bandwagon. But I do have one important prediction for this year which I think should be shared.

No one really knows what 2012 will bring. Maybe Microsoft will buy out Google. Maybe Yahoo will become the top search engine, and perhaps Facebook will succumb to a leap in popular use of MySpace. Perhaps we’ll even see Facebook keep the way profiles look for more than a couple of weeks at a time. Oh well, maybe I’ve just veered into Fantasy Land there, but I do have one almost dead cert prediction for this year: mobile search will continue to become big business.


Mobile SEO

So what does this have to do with you, your business and online marketing?

With mobile search becoming ever more important, so too does the need to focus on SEO for mobile search. Throughout this blog I’ll be sharing a few tips and ideas for how you should be approaching this relatively new field, and why too many people are seriously underestimating how different SEO for mobile is from standard SEO.

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