We all know that being liked is good, especially when it’s your business’s Facebook page which is being liked. But how do you actually get people to like your Facebook page in the first place?

People can be pretty apathetic online, and it often takes more than a little effort to encourage people to raise their forefinger up a couple of millimetres and then exert minimal pressure downwards in order to click the mouse button and ‘like’ your Facebook page. But increasingly businesses are discovering that there is a way of achieving this, and it only takes a matter of minutes to implement.Facebook Like ButtonThe short word for it is ‘like-gating’ (or is that two words?) and it basically involves stopping people from enjoying the contents of your business’s Facebook presence until they have clicked the ‘Like button’, and additionally businesses are offering an immediate incentive if they do click ‘Like’. This incentive could be immediate access to a useful ebook or other resource for example.

Basically all you need is a Facebook application such as HubSpot (if you’re a member) or TabPress, which then offers you a facility on your page which will mean that those visitors who have not yet ‘Liked’ your Facebook page will be greeted by a limited and enticing page which encourages them to click your ‘Like’ button, whilst those who have clicked it will see different content, including exclusive access to your ebook or whatever you’re offering. Yes it’s bribery, but it works!