Keywords are the life blood of search engine optimisation and internet marketing, and these days you’ll have heard a lot of talk about longtail keyphrases, which are simply longer keyword phrases of three or more words. Generally these attract less traffic and therefore have less competition.

However, the traffic that does come through longtail keyphrase searches is usually highly targeted, and because there’s less competition it’s usually much easier to get your site ranked well for such search queries, meaning a much higher return on your investment of time and effort.

But coming up with profitable longtail keyphrases for use either in your website, your article marketing, blogs or even PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns can be difficult. Here’s a quick trick you can use to help make the process much easier.

Visit Google’s keyword tool at and in the little box labelled ‘Website’ enter your address, such as Once you’ve done that, click ‘Search’ and after a moment you’ll be given a list of keyword and keyphrases which Google thinks are relevant to your website.

This in itself is highly revealing as it’s a good indicator of how Google sees your site, which may be quite different to how you see it.

Once you’ve got your list of keywords, click on the ‘Download’ button at the top, and then open it up in Microsoft Excel (or whichever spreadsheet package you’re using.) Next, highlight all of the keywords or keyphrases, copy them, and then go back to Google’s keyword tool. Remove your web address from the box you used earlier, and instead paste all of your keywords and keyphrases into the box on the left, labelled ‘Word or phrase’. Finally, click ‘Search’ again.

What you’ll be given is a list of longtail keyphrases which in many cases will have a much lower PPC cost, and a much higher chance of being used to market your business in a cost effective way likely to generate a higher return. Don’t rely on it as your only method of generating suitable longtail keyphrases, but it’s certainly one tool worth adding to your armoury.