It is amazing how many companies and businesses are still concentrating an enormous amount of their time, effort and budget on trophy key phrases rather than longtail key phrases. Trophy key phrases are usually just one or two words long, three at most, and have generally in the past been seen as a clear sign of success.

But today trophy key phrases are less important, and spending time and money promoting trophy key phrases is increasingly likely to provide less and less return on investment.

There are several good reasons for this, one of which is that the search engines are becoming less and less tolerant of the use of trophy key phrases in any form, and another of which is that the majority of Internet users today are aware that typing in one or two words as a keyword search is likely to result in billions of web sites being listed. For this reason most people now use longtail search queries. It makes more sense therefore for businesses to optimise for these longtail key phrases in order to benefit from the substantial growth in traffic which they are generating.

Longtail key phrases are at least three or four words long, sit much more naturally within content, enable businesses to achieve high ranking positions more quickly and more easily, gaining more targeted traffic in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. Trophies might be fun to own, but they don’t tend to earn the business as much as the sales.