It’s a tricky conundrum – you should never try to fly a plane before you have learned to land it, but in order to learn to land a plane you need to already be flying. The same problem exists in SEO marketing although, fortunately, it’s a good deal safer. When you start marketing through SEO or SEM it is important to know exactly where your new visitors will land. There’s little point letting articles, blog posts, hub pages and forum links fly unless you already know where people will land, and what will happen when they do.


The lazy way to land a plane is to simply point it nicely at the middle of the airport and just drop it into place. You can’t miss. The trouble is that this causes all sorts of problems, including dumping your passengers miles from anywhere useful. The lazy way of SEO marketing is to simply dump everyone on your home page, but this means that many of your visitors will not find what they were looking for. If the link they clicked on suggested they’d find out about a specific service you offer, and then they’re dumped on your home page they then have to navigate their way through your site, possibly using your search tool just to find the right page.

Not only does having a suitable landing page help make sure you give people what they were looking for, and therefore reduce your bounce rate, it also helps you to measure how effective your SEO and SEM actually is by measuring incoming traffic to that specific page. Remember, when it comes to SEO there are more exits than in a plane, and just as many instruments and measuring devices to tell whether you’re on track. Just make sure you know where you’re flying to before you take off.