Do you have a mailing list? One of the great things about having an effective SEO campaign or a successful PPC campaign is that you get traffic. But not everybody wants to place an order straight away. Not everyone wants to pay for something immediately, and many may not be in a position to buy from you straight away.

Email Mailing ListsMost traffic is simply motivated by curiosity, but it’s important not to let that curiosity and initial interest get away. By building up a mailing list full of the email addresses of those people who expressed even a cursory interest in what you have to offer you could have a massive marketing tool in the future. How do you achieve this? By offering something free, such as a free e-book, free newsletter or free software utility you can convert people’s passing interest into a long term marketing tool.

Creating a free e-book or other giveaway is fairly easy. Make sure you create a clear, visible and simple form on your web pages where people can enter their name and email address, click ‘Submit’ and then receive their free item.

Once you have their email address, it’s important not to abuse it. But once you have a mailing list it’s good to use it to occasionally send out a mix of useful information and content as well as offering great deals or reminding them of what may have motivated them to visit your site in the first place.

A mailing list is quick and easy to set up, and is just another way of helping to make your SEO and PPC campaigns work even harder for your business.