Ask yourself this one question: what is it that search engines are looking for when evaluating the relative worth of websites? If you can answer that question easily, then you must work for one of the major search engines. Either that, or you’re psychic, because the truth is that only those engineers behind the massively complex algorithms used the search engines actually know what it is they’re looking for with any degree of precision or accuracy.

But we can deduce certain aspects of optimising for the search engines through a combination of trial and error, picking up on the hints, tips and advice the search engines provide to us, and a little common sense.

But it’s also important to remember that even if you do come up with a definitive answer to that question, by the time you’re able to start implementing it, things will have changed again. Search engines are constantly evolving, and so it’s necessary to make sure that your website, your search engine optimisation, online marketing strategies and your overall social networking processes are also constantly evolving.

For a dynamic approach, an evolving set of tactics and techniques and many years’ experience of trial and error, contact us and let us help your business succeed not just for the web as it is today, but for the web as it will be tomorrow, and the day after. And the day after.