How Small Businesses Grow By Capturing A Mobile Audience


Time was that mobile marketing was the NEXT big thing.

Those days are long gone now. Mobile marketing is something that brands should have at the forefront of their minds thanks to the fast-paced advancement of smartphone technology and tablets.

According to The Drum an amazing 91 per cent of businesses they surveyed are increasing their mobile marketing budget even further over the next year. This at a time when it’s estimated a third of UK consumers only make purchases on mobile devices.

Mobile is leaving desktop in the dust, but as a brand you shouldn’t be worried if you’ve neglected mobile for other marketing channels.

It’s a path a lot of smaller businesses go down when they start out. They want to get a website created first and foremost, and have some kind of online presence before thinking about anything like mobile marketing.

Only, they are now essentially one and the same thing if done right. If you’ve built or commissioned a website that has a responsive design, then it should instantly be visible and accessible on mobile devices. If you haven’t, then it can make the sales process an awfully lot harder.

Smart thinking

Picture the size of an average modern smartphone. Now think of a website. A responsive design will pack a website into that smaller screen, condensing it and making it easy to navigate for smaller technology.

That, in essence, is one of the most important aspects of mobile marketing. Creating something that shows your business to people instantly on a smaller screen, and makes it easy for them to browse and navigate the services or products you offer.

That’s just scratching the surface of mobile marketing and optimisation, though. A creative strategy that focuses on your market and their mobile usage habits can attract new leads and even footfall to your business – if done right.


Creative marketing with a smartphone

Creative marketing with a smartphone

The research you’ve done on your market – demographics such as age, background, and the challenges it faces – should seamlessly pass over to your mobile strategy.

The best thing about mobile marketing, though? It gives you a chance to be incredibly creative. Smartphones are essentially mini film studios, giving brands the chance to reach out to leads in amazing new ways – especially over social media:

Facebook marketing

Facebook’s targeting options are still the best out there for reaching interested new customers, and results can be even better if you put some budget behind your marketing efforts. Businesses can target people in certain areas earning specific salaries if they wish, and a creative message will boost the chances of success.

Facebook Live is also becoming a popular marketing options for brands looking to film. The network’s Q2 earnings hit an all-time high with its innovative new video feature and mobile focus earning large plaudits.

Image marketing

Images can make a huge difference when it comes to marketing. The success of mobile-specific social channels such as Instagram and Snapchat also open a creative world that businesses can immediately sign up to, grow an audience and start posting local stories and images relevant to their business.

They can also post products and links back to their website to entice interested people. Mixing creative and marketable content together in a visual way can reach out to a mobile-savvy audience, especially if the narrative is interesting.

Video growth

Smartphone cameras are now incredibly powerful, meaning brands can film products and stories straight from the comfort of the office. Social networks are more video-orientated than ever before. As well as Facebook Live, Twitter has its Periscope feature and Pinterest has recently announced it’s launching a video service.

YouTube is still one of the best places online though to post your works and grow an audience. Video mobile marketing, if angled correctly, can capture a mobile audience of commuters and people whose first mobile port of call is digesting videos.


Generating fresh mobile leads

Generating fresh mobile leads

The creative approach is essential to mobile marketing success, but unless potential prospects are filtered to the right parts of your mobile website and can easily make a purchase, or submit a lead form then all that effort goes down the drain.

It’s essential to;

Have a mobile optimised website

A site that has clear images of the products and services you’re selling, clear pricing, snappy images, clear calls to action, streamlined checkouts and more are more successful than ones that have neglected to care for their front of house.

Use data collection methods

Want to reach out to those customers time and again to turn them into repeat business? Data collection is essential to growth; creative calls to action that encourage people to leave email and social details for outreach are incredibly important.

Utilise paid local search

Businesses can contact local mobile searchers with PPC campaigns that will instantly direct people to those forms and specific areas on your site, which can help increase potential conversions from shoppers in your local area and raise brand awareness.

Adopt Social data collection

Social channels, too, offer paid data collection methods. Facebook allows people to fill in forms and Twitter can collect email addresses. Budgeting for mobile searchers and browsers in your area with your social budget can help collect new data sets.

Start a conversation

People are browsing the internet and social media on the move. The more active your brand is online in communicating with your potential audience and letting them know you’re there, the more likely they are to visit and tell their friends you exist.

In Summary..

Mobile marketing isn’t as scary as it sounds and all comes down to researching your audience. Once you know who you’re targeting and how they act and react online, then you can build a creative mobile marketing strategy to reach out to them and encourage them to engage with your business.

They key is access. The easier you are to interact with on mobile devices such as smartphones, the more a mobile-savvy market will come back for more.


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