Last week Google announced that it is changing the way its social search results are displayed to provide more social, and hopefully more reliable results. If you are logged in to Google with your Google account, and you’ve linked your social networking accounts, then when you carry out a search Google will take into consideration information gained from your social networking contacts to provide more personal, more relevant and more reliable results. So far there are no plans to integrate Facebook into this project (surprise surprise!) but if you have accounts with Twitter, LinkedIn and Flickr then these will all start feeding in to the results you see.

social mediaSo how will this work in practice? Let’s say that you’re looking for information relating to tree surgeons in Manchester, and one of the people listed in one of your social networking profiles has written an article, blog post or other form of information about such a business. This information will be included in your search results, giving you information you’re more likely to rely on and trust.

Whilst all this sounds very good, it’s worth just remembering that whilst you may see benefits yourself in terms of the quality of results you receive, the other side of the coin is that there’s a real opportunity to increase your business’s reputation and exposure by focussing not just on social media optimisation, but also on B2B optimisation. If you haven’t done much work with Twitter, LinkedIn or Flickr lately, now might be a good time to take another look at what’s on offer.

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