You’re probably already reasonably familiar with the subtle art and exact science of search engine marketing and search engine advertising. The sort of search engine advertising most people are aware of and think of is of course Google’s paid advertising service, Adwords. But whilst this certainly has a lot to offer, there’s something else you should be aware of if you haven’t already investigated the possibilities.

UK social media advertising servicesBecause a growing number of businesses are finding extraordinary success not with search engine advertising, but social media advertising. Such social media sites include LinkedIn and Facebook, and are providing people with a range of benefits.

One of the first benefits is cost. Because whilst search engine marketing may drive heaps of traffic to your site, not all of it may be worthwhile, not all of it may correspond to increased sales, but all of it will cost you money. Often the profits through search engine advertising are small and the costs large, and many businesses restrict it only to the early days of their marketing campaigns or for niche products or services.

But this is where social media advertising can provide an advantage, because in virtually every case the costs are substantially lower. But more than this, in many cases it is possible to reach a more relevant, targeted audience. Rather than placing adverts on search engine results pages, where they will be displayed for everyone to see, placing adverts on social media sites provides you with the opportunity of narrowing down your target audience using demographics.

Perhaps you want to target a specific age range only, or people from a specific country. Perhaps you might only want to target business people, or those within specific sectors. You may even want to be as specific as targeting people of a certain age, living in certain locations and with interests in specific fields.

Social media advertising provides these sorts of opportunities, meaning that as well as keeping costs down, you’re targeting the right people, not just targeting everyone – which isn’t so much as a target as a vague hope and a gesture in the dark.

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