Few businesses need to be told the merits of a successful social video marketing campaign. Not only do you get millions of viewers and have your brand’s marketing spread like wildfire over social media, but various blogs and press outlets will pick it up as a story as well.

Social video’s can resonate with viewers in a number of ways, whether that be a genuine, interesting product demonstration, an educational explanational video complex process, or just a quirky video that’s only loosely tied to advertising. Because the online social community is so diverse–and so complex–it’s really difficult to have a video fail if you take the proper steps to make sure people can see it and will click through to it.

Even a choice as simple as where to host your video makes a big difference, as each social video site offers something unique and specific for its viewers. Whether you’re looking to make one video to reach as many people as possible, or trying to target a specific site to open up your demographic, that information is crucial when selecting where to upload your video.

If you want to know more about those differences, check out this infographic, provided by VirtualPhone-Number.com explaining social video marketing a little more closely.