If you are still spending time and money on Google’s sponsored advert campaign, you might do well to consider integrating Facebook advertising, either partially or entirely as an alternative to Google.

Facebook AdvertisingFacebook has long been a popular choice with advertisers as it offers so much more than Google can offer. Not only are the advertising campaigns more affordable, but there are more ways of adapting your advertising to ensure you’re targeting just the right people in the right way. Using demographic information you can target your adverts to be shown primarily to people within certain locations, of certain genders, who work in particular sectors or are of a particular age, or of course any combination of those factors, and many more.

This means that as well as lowering your advertising costs your return on investment is likely to be significantly higher. With Google advertising you are targeting everyone, which isn’t so much as a target as a wild stab in the dark which is more often wasted than usable. With Facebook advertising you really are targeting those people who are more likely to be interested in your products or services.

But there’s another reason why you probably ought to think about Facebook advertising at the moment, because their advertising has just got smarter. It seems that the adverts appearing on people’s pages are now drawing on the status updates themselves. So a status update mentioning a birthday is more likely to result in adverts being shown which relate to birthdays, presents, gifts, celebrations and parties. Mention having to turn the heating on and you may well find adverts offering a cheaper gas supply. This is another way in which advertising is getting more personal, and from your business’s point of view, this means an even better ROI.