The Crucial Difference Between Earning Links And Buying Them

Blog Marketing | Google | Link Building | Search Engine Marketing (SEM) | Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Was Google right to penalise MyBlogGuest and its community? Webpresence takes a look at the crucial difference between buying a link and earning one.
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5 Reasons Your Site Needs A Deep SEO Audit

Google | Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) | technical seo | Website Analytics | Website Development
Keyword optimisation may be on the way back. Now is the time where it's more important than ever to consider a deep SEO audit, according to Webpresence.
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How To Pitch To The Press To Build The Perfect Link

Content Marketing | Influencer Marketing | Link Building | Online Branding | Website Promotion
You may have five seconds maximum to pitch your press release to the media. How do you make them listen? Webpresence explains with some helpful PR tips.
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Creative Content Marketing – The Huge Benefits of Primary Research Investment

Article Marketing | Blog Marketing | Content Marketing | Website Promotion
You can have the best writers on your content team, but they won’t be able to do anything if they’re restricted to a strategy that stifles their creativity.
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5 Reasons Why SEO Is Far From Dead

Bing | Content Marketing | Digital Marketing | Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) | technical seo
Webpresence takes an in-depth look at the current state of the search engine optimisation industry, and why it's far too early to lament the death of SEO.
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A Four Step Guide To Ethical Guest Blogging

Content Marketing | Digital Marketing | Inbound Marketing | Link Building
Guest blogging is still a great way to build links, but you need to listen to Google and use your own voice. Webpresence explains how to do it right.
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The Final Nail In The Coffin For Link Building?

Conversion Rate Optimisation | Digital Marketing | Inbound Marketing | Search Engine Marketing (SEM) | Social Media Marketing (SMM) | Website Promotion
Google's changed its policies to urge people to stop building links with anchor text. Webpresence looks at the other forms of online marketing available.
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Awareness And Links: The True Power Of The Press Release

Content Marketing | Digital Marketing | Link Building | Website Promotion
The clever content marketer will be able to maximise a press release's influence and get a message out to the public instead of doing one for a few links.
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From The Horse’s Mouth: Cutts On SEO, Creative Content And Building Backlinks

Inbound Marketing | Link Building | Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) | Social Media Marketing (SMM) | Website Development
Matt Cutts has released a video telling webmasters not to focus too much on search engines. Read Webpresence's analysis on how to build a creative site.
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The Death Of Link Farming, And The Rise Of Content Marketing

Content Marketing | Digital Marketing | Panda | Penguin | Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) | Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Google’s Head of Webspam flexed his muscles last week when he confirmed via his Twitter account that his team “took action on several thousand linksellers in a paid-link-that-passes-PageRank network” on 15 May.
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