An interesting statistic in the world of television advertising was released today.

UK-based tech agency Rocket Fuel has revealed that, during television advertisements, on Christmas Day, data shows that a third of people watching television hopped online during ad breaks with a mobile device.

The data was measured during some of the most popular programmes including the Queen’s speech and Coronation Street, which attracted 6.41 million viewers.

It’s great news for brands that are investing in mobile marketing campaigns but terrible news for bigger brands that can afford to advertise on television. Those were premium slots available for advertisers to spread their message to the widest possible audience. And sadly that audience switched off.

On the other side though more than 2 million ads were served to people online during the adverts with 58 per cent of Edinburgh’s residents heading online once Her Majesty had wrapped things up.


Television Ads Are On The Ropes Thanks To Mobile Advertising
There’s more good news to come, too. If you still haven’t grasped mobile marketing then it’s not too late to begin an effective campaign that drives local traffic to your business.

Is this a sign of the times? Will television ads lag behind mobile, and is 2015 the year that the shift becomes permanent? Let me know in the comments section below.

Breaking bad-verts

So why are people heading online instead of sitting on the sofa watching adverts? Well, the question pretty much answers itself really, doesn’t it!

Adverts have been necessary for television revenue for years, but that doesn’t mean people have to like them or sit through them.

The internet’s a fine distraction, and with the growth of mobile devices over the last few years eyeballs are being diverted to a different screen, much to the dismay of television advertisers.

But there’s another reason, and it’s something I touched on last week; personalisation. Web campaigns are able to offer something far more personal and targeted than a television ad that targets such broad demographics.

I pointed out at the start of the year that this is the year where there’s no front runner when it comes to digital marketing channels. But research from the ‘Salesforce Marketing Cloud 2015 State of Marketing’ report shows that mobile is increasingly being seen as the glue that holds them all together.


Can you offer safe and secure payment options on mobile?
In fact in the survey of 5,000 marketers mobile has been shown to greatly enhance customer journeys. Social, email, search, and other marketing channels are also boosted by mobile devices, according to those surveyed.

Amazingly though, in the same survey ‘only 18 percent currently use location-based functionality in their marketing.’ That means that as effective as mobile is, marketers are still missing out on attracting the local element.

Paid perfection

At a time when eyeballs are looking for something to focus on it’s the perfect time for brands of all shapes and sizes to make an online home for people searching for their brand. Last year saw mobile eCommerce growth overtake desktops. Are you taking a slice of the action?

There’s also the addition of wearable technology being thrown into the mix, and while it may not have a serious effect on mobile campaigns – certainly not in the next couple of years as the market grows – they still can’t be discounted.

Marin Software has also pointed out that it expects mobile to account for 50 per cent of Google paid search clicks by the end of the year. However the wider world is still yet to really grasp the power of mobile paid search programmes in securing micro leads.

The opportunities are there for brands right now that want to get their name out to a local audience. And setting up a campaign is easier than you think.

Tell us more about your mobile marketing campaigns. Have they helped generate local business and improve communication? Let us know below!

Feel the local love

Using a mobile to search and shop is all about ease of use.Local businesses looking to get themselves noticed over mobile can make a start by putting their details into Google My Business to let searchers know they exist.

But from there it all depends on your creative strategy and how it fits into the rest of your business plan. Are you looking to communicate more with current and potential customers? Then having a strong social presence that works well on mobile devices is key.

Is it leads you want to generate? Having a website that’s easy to use and mobile responsive is critical, especially if you want people to fill out forms, submit email addresses, and other personal information. Something quick and easy that gets across what they receive as effectively as possible is essential.

In fact, web design and responsiveness are the most important things when it comes to mobile marketing, especially if you’re in the business of retail.

It’s something I’ve covered before and is so important if you’re looking to improve conversions on your products. It’s simple, really. Are you really selling your products to the best of your site’s abilities? Clear pictures and product descriptions are a must, as are clear pricing and return policies if applicable.

Another important issue is mobile security. Can you offer safe and secure payment options for your products that people trust, and will come back time and again to use? Or, if for some reason their connection breaks, is your shopping cart advanced enough to save their progress?

Using a mobile to search and shop is all about ease of use. People go online during ads because it takes seconds to find what they need before returning to their show.

That philosophy is tantamount if you want to succeed with a mobile marketing campaign. You need to be easy to discover, simple to communicate with, and a shopper’s dream if you want to build what’s ultimately the most important thing of all; consumer trust with people that are likely to spread the word.


If you’d like to learn more about mobile search advertising and how to make yourself attractive to local customers contact the Webpresence team today!