The other day I started talking about my top ten tips for achieving success through Twitter. Today I’m finishing that list by offering you the rest of my favourite Twitter tips.

top ten twitter tips7. Retweet others’ tweets. Not only does this help you to tweet more often, even when you don’t have anything to say yourself, but it helps build a positive image for you within the Twitter community. Retweeting is a little like patting someone on the back, saying how much you agree with them and making sure everyone else heard it.

8. Thank your new followers. It’s only polite, but it also gives you a chance to create a more personal link. Once you get an email from Twitter informing you someone is now following you, why not send them an email (using a template for speed is sensible and fine). Your email can thank them for following you, offer your best wishes, and even invite them to join you on Facebook, check out your blog or visit your website. Don’t make it too pushy or too ‘salesly’, but if you strike the right balance you can help build loyalty and increase your networking power. This task can also be auotmated.

9. Don’t be afraid to have fun. Many of those people reading your posts will be at work, and let’s face it, we all enjoy a joke from time to time to lighten the mood. You may be promoting your business brand, but that doesn’t mean you should try to pretend you’re not human. In fact, making it quite clear that you’re very human is a good thing, and injecting a little humour into the occasional post is definitely something to be encouraged. If you can’t think of anything funny to say, why not retweet someone else’s post which made you chuckle?

10. Incentivise your tweets. Just occasionally, there’s no harm dangling a carrot. If you have a free ebook to give away, why not advertise this to your followers on Twitter? If you’ve written an article, why not create a PDF version, and offer it to people free, including a link in your Twitter post? This is not only a post likely to be retweeted, helping to increase your standing, but it also helps deliver traffic to your website – a win-win result!

So, there’s my top ten Twitter tips, if you have anything to add please leave a comment below.