A few days ago we looked at how it is possible to use the tilde symbol (~) to carry out more effective searches, and to find alternative words and phrases you could be targeting throughout your search engine optimisation. Today we’re going to see how this same innocuous little wobbly line can be used in conjunction with Google’s drop down suggested search tool to develop a list of longtail keywords and phrases you could be taking advantage of too.

If you enter a couple of words into Google’s search box you’ll usually find a drop down list appears with Google’s suggestions of what you might be looking for. These selections are based on the most popular searches carried out which start with the words you’ve just entered. As an example we could do a search for ‘cuckoo clocks‘ which generates the following list of suggestions:

using tilde keyword research

However, the problem is that we’re only seeing results which start with the words cuckoo clocks, and this isn’t always very helpful. But let’s try inserting a tilde symbol just before our search phrase, and see what happens:

tilde research

Notice that Google has now helpfully provided us with a useful list of the top longtail keyword searches which we can now dash off to start using in our web content and online marketing. Who’d have thought a wonky line could prove so useful?