As you may have heard announced recently, Microsoft is teaming up with Nokia, with the result that its mobile operating system will be used across all Nokia devices. Is this particularly relevant in the world of SEO? Well, yes, it could well be. Because at the moment webmasters, web marketers and consumers are all still very much caught up in the addictive habit that is Google. If you want to know something, Google it. It’s even become a verb now, part of our everyday language.

Nokia & microsoft BingBut whilst Google may be big, quick and convenient, it isn’t the only search engine there is. New search engines, often disguised as something else, such as answer engines or knowledge engines, keep popping up with journalists asking whether this newcomer is a future Google toppler, after which very little is ever heard of it again, and most people immediately revert to Google as a default search method.

But with Microsoft teaming up with Nokia, it’s almost a certainly that the default search facility included through the operating system will be Bing.

Optimising your website for Bing and thinking about marketing for a higher position within the results pages for Bing isn’t a bad idea. Let’s not forget that several million people do use Bing every day, and that really should be incentive enough to make an effort. But with the new move from Microsoft, perhaps it’s time to take Bing a bit more seriously.