4 Tips On Turning Your Website Into A Money-Making Machine


So you’ve invested a lot of money into a website and it’s finally been unveiled. It looks incredible, you can look at it on a smartphone when you’re on the bus, and quite a few people are taking the time to visit it every day.

Only, you can’t shake the feeling that it’s a bit of a white elephant. It looks great and people are looking at it, but it isn’t making you any money. There’s been little-to-no movement when it comes to shifting more stock and your conversion rate is low.

It’s one of the bigger problems facing small business owners, especially those with little time on their hands. They’re so busy running the business that they believe a website is a cure-all.

The truth is a new website is a business investment like any other. It’s not there to look charming; it’s supposed to complement the way you do things and help your business make money.

Form or functionality?

Aesthetics are a hugely important part of any modern website, with the most successful commercial ones responsive and able to fit on screens of any size.

The most important part of having a website though lies in its functionality and long-term planning. Having a site simply isn’t enough. Generating interest around it online and updating it consistently is essential to growth and long-term success.

We believe that inbound marketing is the absolute best way to do that. You don’t call up potential customers and tell them to visit your website, do you? If your prospects find your site naturally and make a purchase through inbound then that’ll help reduce your costs per lead, improve your ROI and justify your overall spend.

Turning your traffic into sales


 Inbound market is a great way to not only increase traffic, but to also improve the quality and quantity of your targeted leads


Inbound marketing is a great way to not only increase traffic, but to also improve the quality and quantity of your targeted leads if you implement a bespoke, creative strategy.

But that traffic is effectively useless unless you’re doing one of two things. One; encouraging people to make a purchase or two; collecting their data in transparent ways to nurture those leads so they make a future purchase.

Here are our tips to optimising your website to help turn it into a money-making machine:

1: Cutting out the clutter

Less is indeed more when it comes to the web. You may hear that ‘content is king’ and that you need to consistently create content to appeal to your audience.

That can be true, but it depends on what you want your content to achieve. A recent study has found that 60% of the web content created by 1,500 of the web’s top brands is just clutter that has little or no impact on people’s lives or sales results.

Think of your product pages. Do they say too much? Are you effectively trying to talk people out of a sale by having unnecessary information on your site? Clearing out the clutter and focusing more on clean imagery could help you to see a sales boost from your site.

2: Streamlining your payment services

Why bothering ordering something online if it takes 10 minutes to fill out a payment form, a delivery form and go through certain checklists?

The same product may cost a little bit more on some sites but it’s more than likely customers will flock there for the added convenience. Online checkout abandonment rates are above 70% for that very reason; the amount of fuss that people have to go through to complete a simple purchase means many online retailers are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Reduce those rates and increase conversions by having a site that offers several seamless and secure one-click payment options such as PayPal, remembers their details so they don’t have to fill in form after form when they return and has clear delivery and returns policies.

3: Nurturing through automation


Why bothering ordering something online if it takes 10 minutes to fill out a payment form


The most satisfying successes that come from inbound marketing revolve around lead nurturing, both before and after a sale. Especially the latter; repeat customers are easier to sell to and spend 300% more money according to research.

Lead nurturing can also be one of the toughest parts of inbound marketing. You don’t want to come across as too keen and scare people off. How do you find the right balance between approaching a large amount of customers ready to be pushed over the edge without coming across as desperate? Partnering with an inbound marketing agency that has access to marketing automation software can help.

Marketing automation software can improve sales by properly categorising potential leads to reach out to them on the right channels at the right frequency, whilst also providing them with creative, personalised content that encourages them to make a purchase without scaring them away.

4: Being direct

This is something we approach when we talk about generating the right types of traffic. Putting money into a targeted social media campaign or paid search strategy can direct the people who matter to you most to your website for a small fee.

If you want to get serious when it comes to converting sales though, you can dig a little deeper and direct people to specific sales pages on your website for products that provide the biggest margins. Getting creative with your paid campaigns may be a bit daunting at first, but the spend is more than worth it when considering the potential returns.

By doing the right research and using the right trends and data to target the people most likely to make a purchase, site owners can direct people with the specific intent of buying to people on-site that are interested in your products.

Implementing other conversion optimisation techniques to make the sales process as easy as possible will help to increase the chances of a sale. The same can be said for those that want to collect data; directing people to an area where they know their data will be in safe hands is a great way to generate leads and nurture them into long-term customers who spend.


Want to know more about how to build a website and inbound marketing strategy to help convert sales and grow your business? Speak to a Webpresence representative to find out more.