With Twitter being valued now at around $10 billion, and with low level talks about takeover bids by both Google and Facebook, if you haven’t already integrated Twitter into your regular social media marketing strategy, then isn’t it about time you gave it a go? Even if you’re already a happy Twitterer, perhaps there could be more than you could do to increase your profile, increase your effectiveness, and increase your sales as a result. In today’s blog I’m going to look at the first of my 10 top tips for tightening up your Twittering!

Twitter Marketing

If you’re looking to market your brand and boost your company’s profile then Twitter is certainly a valuable tool. But like any tool, if wielded incorrectly it can hurt, and Twitter is a tool that can easily cause intolerable damage, or outstanding success. It’s important to be aware that every single tweet you post will represent your brand, your attitude to other people and your professionalism.

Too many well known companies, brands and celebrities have caused terrible damage to their reputation by thoughtlessly posting a comment without thinking it through. Remember, you’re not posting to a computer. Your words will be read, retweeted, and used for, or against you. So here are the first of our ten top tips for getting it right:

1. Tweet regularly, but not so much that you become a nuisance. One tweet a day is the very minimum you should be looking at. A dozen or so tweets is probably about the ideal maximum. Keeping your tweets within those limits will usually help increase interest, encourage you to be found and followed, but not enough to put people off by being bombarded with messages all day.

2. Don’t just talk about you, or your business. Twitter is not an advertising platform, it’s a social media platform for networking and communicating. If all you do is talk AT your followers, constantly doing nothing but trying to sell your brand, then you’ll quickly lose the interest of your followers.

3. Use hash tags. If you’re not already familiar with these, hash tags are keywords which can be turned into links that allow people looking for a particular subject to find all of the latest posts relevant to that subject. So if you include the hash tag #SEO in a tweet, then the #SEO will become a clickable link which will allow people to search for other posts relating to SEO. This works the other way round of course, helping other people to find your post. Including one or two hash tags in a post is a great way to increase the chance of your posts being found. Just don’t overdo it!

4. Don’t talk AT your followers. Remember, Twitter is a conversation, and so it’s only polite to reply to people occasionally. Use the @ before someone’s username to send a reply or comment to them. This not only makes you seem more polite, more engaged and an active listener as well as a talker, but it will help boost your profile and number of followers.

5. Make sure you upload a suitable avatar, and create a short biography. Include details of how you can be contacted, your website address and a little about your company or what you offer. If someone likes your posts, they may want to find out more, so don’t make it too hard for them. Backgrounds are a good way of creating a slick and professional interface whilst including lots of information about the company. For an example of this, check out http://twitter.com/#!/SEOjunkie

6. Include links in your tweets, but not in every tweet. Aim to include a URL link in about half of your tweets, but remember, don’t just include links to your own site! Make sure your links are to valuable sources of information, otherwise your followers will start to ignore your links.

That’s the first six of our ten top tips for Twitter. Check back in a couple of days when I’ll publish the rest of the tips you’ll need for making Twitter work harder for your business and brand!

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